Medical License Factory LLC, in association with Doctor in USA and the Hispanic Medical Association (Hispamed), invites you to participate in the SPEX Examination Preparation Course, which will have two preparation modalities: complete course and intensive review, both online.

The complete SPEX Examination Preparation Course consists of a complete and detailed study of the reference content through the continuous advice and guidance of a leading physician.

NOTE: It is recommended to take the Full Course modality to prepare for the SPEX Examination for doctors who have been inactive for a long period of time.

The intensive review mode for the spex exam consists of a detailed and complete review of the content of the SPEX exam over a two week period, with daily online meetings with a certified lead physician.

NOTE: This modality only applies to physicians who are Full License in any American jurisdiction.

  • Do you know what SPEX EXAM is?
  • The SPEX® is a computerized, multiple-choice examination of current knowledge requisite for the general, undifferentiated practice of medicine. The examination is used to re-examine a physician's ongoing level of basic medical knowledge and is intended for physicians who currently hold, or who have previously held, a valid, unrestricted license to practice medicine in the US or Canada.

    State boards require SPEX for endorsement of licensure, reinstatement, or reactivation of a license after a period of inactivity.

  • Content EXAM SPEX:
  • It focus primarily on tasks that physicians do in practice (i.e., patient management/care items) and less on mechanisms of disease items (i.e., disease applications relating to underlying basic sciences). Is 6-hour exam with 200 items. Consists of 5 blocks of 60 minutes each, with 40 items per block; plus break(s) and tutorial.

  • Eligibility requirements:
  • To be eligible to take the examination through the board-sponsored process, you must hold or have held a current, unrestricted license in a United States or Canadian jurisdiction and otherwise have met eligibility requirements established by the individual licensing boards pursuant to their statutory and regulatory provisions. If you need or wish to take the examination as a board-sponsored candidate, you should contact the licensing authority from which you plan to seek a license to ask whether there are additional eligibility requirements you must meet.

  • Scores:
  • The recommended minimum passing score of 75 will remain as is. However, medical licensing authorities may accept the recommended pass/fail result, or they may establish their own passing score.

    Recommended performance standards for the SPEX are based on a specified level of proficiency. As a result, no predetermined percentage of examinees will pass or fail the examination. The recommended minimum passing level is reviewed periodically and may be adjusted at any time. It should be noted that the reported score of 75 is NOT “75%” but a value on a scale that meets the requirements of licensing board statutes and regulations.

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    • Duration: 2 Weeks
    • Start date: 26/01/2021
    • Investment: 2500 USD (one-time payment).

    • Duration: 12 Weeks
    • Start date: No date programmed
    • Investment: 2800 USD

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