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<p>At Medical License Factory we provide our services in a personalized manner, according to the needs and requirements of our customers.</p>

Below are some of the services we currently provide to our valued customers

  • Services for Health Personnel:
  1. ACN Licensure application in Florida
  2. Full ME (endorsement) Licensure in Florida
  3. Medical Licensure application in any American jurisdiction
  4. Physician Assistant (P.A.) Licensure Application
  5. Nurses Licensure application in Florida from Puerto Rico
  6. Renewal of Medical Licenses of Puerto Rico
  7. Renewal of Medical Licenses of Michigan
  8. Verification of Licenses, Postgraduate Training, School of Medicine and Examination
  9. Homologation of Medical Degrees
  10. Change of Medical Licensing status
  11. Medical Education (Postgraduate Studies, Review Program)
  12. FCVS Credential Verification Service
  13. Locum Tenens Physicians
  14. Records to present revalidations and medical exam
  15. Official traslation of titles
  • Services for Medical Facilities:

  1. Medicaid and Medicare for providers and health care clinics
  2. ACN Designation 
  3. Urgents Care Registration
  4. Pains Management clinics Registration
  5. Expert Witness Certificate
  6. Public Psychiatrist Certificate
  7. Business Plans for Medical Facilities


Among the processes and procedures that we carry out during the execution of our services, we can mention the following

  • Initial consultation of our services, which can be in person, via email or phone conference
  • Medical Profile Evaluation
  • Evaluation of your work history
  • CV review
  • Preparation of the necessary forms for the request for verification of credentials:
    1. Credentials Verification Request
    2. Certification or degree of Medical School
    3. Certification or Postgraduate Degree
    4. Certification or Internship Degree
    5. Certification or Residency Title
    6. Medical School Report Card Certification
    7. Certification of Postgraduate notes
    8. Certification of exams
  • Verification of Hospital Services
  • Preparation of AMA or AOA profiles
  • NPDB Online Consultation
  • Constant monitoring throughout the process, ensuring that it is completed in the appropriate time frames
  • Continuous contact with the Applicant (Doctor) to keep him/her informed of his/her status within the Board of Medicine


Do not hesitate to contact us!, at Medical License Factory we will always work with dedication and commitment to obtain your professional goals.

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