Our goal is to work professionally and diligently on your behalf before the Board of Medicine, as your supporting agent, we prepare all the necessary documentation for the medical licensing process in US jurisdictions, within an appropriate time frame, allowing you to reach your goals of practicing medicine in the United States!

We also offer our services to healthcare organizations.

Why contact Medical License Factory?

Medical License Factory © is the leading agency in healthcare documentation! We offer a totally bilingual service, where you can feel comfortable with the quality of our work. We are a company dedicated to maintaining confidentiality and integrity complying with HIPAA regulations.

The documentation for professionals and health organizations vary a lot, generating numerous procedures and processes to obtain it and maintain it. For this reason, it is highly practical and advisable to entrust these processes to Medical License Factory, LLC.

Contact our office to arrange a telephone interview and we can explain how we can be of great help in obtaining your professional goals. We will gladly answer all your concerns. Contact Us!

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HISPAMED: The Association of Hispanic Doctors arises in a special moment for the Hispanic medical community based in the United States to offer you a unique opportunity of legal and technical support to contribute to your insertion as a health professional in the USA.

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TELEMEDICOS: In times where telecommunication and technological advances become our best allies, we have created Telemedicos, which is a certified network of remote medical services with a worldwide scope, made up of international doctors from different specialties, mostly Spanish speakers.

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